Our proprietary Operating System (OS), Blackthorn, is specifically written to be robust, fast and reliable. The code is optimised to run at high speed on the 68K/Coldfire processors that are at the heart of many of our high performance control systems. This ensures that we can adapt to customers requirements quickly as we have full control over the development cycle.


Blackthorn also allows the user to develop their own programme to run on our controllers. This allows the user then to tailor all the menu's, storage and IO to suit their own requirements. TRM offer full support in the development providing libraries, compilers, example code and training if required.


MAP and Procut are two such examples of programs that TRM has written to effectively change the use of the same controller. MAP is intended for multi-axis machines processing material in a variety of different ways whereas PROCUT is designed for single axis and twin axis guillotine machines and the data entry required reflects that industry.


For a list of command line commands and file types etc please download our manual:



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