TRM can supply optical incremental encoders of various Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) and output type. Typical applications include positioning tables, CNC machines, robotics, assembly machines motor mounted feedback, packaging machines, and general motion control applications.

Generally TRM will mount encoders directly on the rear of a DC servomotor as this provides excellent security, stability and precision. All too often we see encoders mounted on machines that are driven by chains or belts and this inherently leads to inaccuracy in the system and instability of the motor. For a system to be "under control" we need to see 2 pulses from the encoder and this will indicate which direction the motor is turning. In most applications a Z pulse is not required however where high precision is required a Z reference pulse can be used either on a rotary encoder or linear scale.

Screening of the encoder signals is highly important and we ensure all the encoders we supply have a good quality braided screen to ensure a good clean signal is received into the control system.

Optical Encoder with Rigid Mounting Optical Incremental Encoder With Rigid Mounting
Optical Encoder With Custom Plug Fitted Optical Encoder Fitted With Custom Plug
Optical Encoder with Spring Mounting Optical Encoder With Through Bore
 Renishaw Non-contact Magnetic Encoder Magnetic Non-Contact Encoders
Linear Magnetic Encoders Renishaw Linear Encoder


Features of a typical encoder:

  • Thru Bore
  • 6 mm bore size
  • PPR - as per order
  • Square wave output
  • Line Driver
  • 5 Vdc operating voltage
  • 0 to 70 oC
  • IP 50


TRM can also supply encoders as Jog encoders with various handwheels for CNC and similar applications. We can supply with different cable lengths, connectors to suit the application or we can supply ready mounted inan enclosure or to a DC motor ready to mount on a machine.

Manual Jog BEC (British Encoder Company) Encoder With Plug

CNC Manual Jog Wheel With Axis, Speed, Estop and Enable Buttons



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