Interface cards provide quick and easy installation for the engineer when on site or on a production line. These allow the controller to be connected to the electrical cabinet via just 2 multicore screened cables. The inputs and outputs can then be wired to the rest of the machine more easily from the plugin screw terminals.

 Breakout Interface Board 44 way                         shop                          Breakout Interface Board 37 way


  • Quick connections with screw terminals
  • Pluggable connections allow removal for testing
  • Easily Mounted on DIN Rail
  • Simplify Wiring running to controller


Advanced Interface Boards

The breakout boards above are for basic installations. We can provide complex boards as in the image below, which include power supplies, safety circuits, logic and analogue conditioning and expansion. As this board is based on an ARM microprocessor we can utilise a CAN network to communicate between the controller and the interface board.

pmc interface card s


  • 200w Power supply for Sensors, Relays etc.
  • Mains conditioning/filtering
  • Power factor correction
  • Status LED's
  • 2 Type K Thermocouple Connection
  • 2 ADC inputs
  • 2 DAC outputs
  • 8 Expansion inputs
  • 8 Expansion outputs
  • 2 Loadcell inputs
  • Safety relay connections
  • Light Guard connections

 Current 3 axis interface board manual can be downloaded here

Custom Designs

Bespoke interface cards can be supplied where there is a need to support additional hardware or to increase the size of power supply. These can be designed to fit into specific enclosures or shapes to suit the machine involved.

 If you need to provide a retrofit solution so that backward compatibility is maintained, we can design-in specific connectors etc. to ensure parts can be just plugged into older machines.



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