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Without feedback, if there is some stiction during some part of the motion there is a real danger that the motor will stall and not move. The problem is then that the controller will assume that the motor has made target. Often what happens in this case is that the axis will dance in the same spot like an angry bee.

When the controller moves the axis in the other direction, it's positioning will be far advanced of the command position and this may result in damage as the axis may hit the limits.

"COVID-19; An important message from the directors"

As some of our customers operate in the medical supply chain our factory and online shop are both still open!

These are indeed unprecedented times. At TRM we have taken the necessary steps to comply with the Government's "Anti Virus Measures". Colleagues, where able, are working from home. Our factory is still operating using additional protection and we are also operating an increased level of cleaning.

Our delivery partners APC, Fedex, UPS and DHL are still operating and aim to have your orders delivered to your door as quickly and as safely as possible.

Wishing you and your families well.



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