PMC Media release 150 words.

The PMC range of customisable controllers suit a wide variety of machines and industries. Each is packed with an array of features and an embedded operating system for stability. Control of stepper and DC or AC Servo motors in closed or open loop systems with a vast array of configurable IO built in is possible whilst all of the controllers setup and programming is taken care of via our MAP software.

A range of displays are available with 5.7" and 10.4" colour TFT displays being fitted as standard. Suited to arduous environments, the PMC controllers all come with aluminium enclosures and shatterproof hardened windows to resist damage and scratches. The keypads use tactile keys to provide longevity and an overlay covering the front to protect from water, oil and dirt ingress. As the keys are sealed the controller can continue to work even when they become coated with oil and other substances.


PMC 5.7" Motion Controller PMC 10.4" QWERTY Keypad in Portrait case PMC 10.4" QWERTY Keypad in Landscape case
PMC 5.7" Controller. 30 Key Keypad.

10.4" Controller. QWERTY Keypad.


10.4" Controller. QWERTY Keypad.






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