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Guillotine Machines CAN be Refurbished!

Our PROCUT kits are now installed around the world from South America to the UK and on to Fiji!.

For a professional installation TRM provides a range of mounting options which are ideal for mounting the controller, jog wheel and start/stop switches. The new electrical cabinet is mounted on the machine along with sensors and new servo motor. These are all then easily wired back to the electrical cabinet as they are all simple plug in connectors. This ensures that there are no issues during installation as all systems are already 100% tested at the factory in the UK.

Once installed the system is then setup according to the machine size, calibrated, tested and accuracy confirmed. The customer can then start to run production programs including using the label optimization program and strip cut menu which is ideal for label or business card cutting.

Leadscrew wear is not an issue with the PROCUT system as adjustment of a single parameter can compensate for most backlash within the leadscrew or nut.

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PROCUT uses the same motion drivers that we have developed over many years for our standard motion control systems. This ensures that when coupled with the easy to program and use PROCUT interface, the system is very accurate and efficient to use.

Operator input is minimized as programs can be recalled when a job needs to be run again ensuring setup time is reduced as much as possible. Using the acceleration and deceleration parameters means that the paper arrives at position still in line minimizing the need to 'block' the paper, again this speeds up the cycle time.


The wiring for PROCUT is all pre-made in the UK to set lengths. If a length needs to be changed we have the ability to respond to these requests either at time of order or even after delivery as we can raise a special requirement order and have it shipped normally within 24 hours.

This level of support helps to ensure installation time is minimised and the machine can be back in production quickly.


This system uses the PROCUT software which is specifically written for paper cutting. The software includes a simple to use cuts table and once programmed these can be stored under a filename for future use. Options for air on and off, clamp and shoe are all selectable per line. Position readout shows when the machine is in position and a jog wheel allows manual adjustment if the programmed position is not correct.

There are many more features in the software that make the system more efficient and operator friendly.

Please have a look at the manual for further information.


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