Custom Designed Food Depositor.

Courtesy of Mono Equipment

TRM specialises in helping machine manufacturers to automate machines and or reduce production costs by offering them a complete control solution that will keep them ahead of their competitors.


Our customer wanted to build a machine that  would automate the process of making a variety of  bakery products with different sizes and shapes.


Our customer designed the machine and wanted our help in the design of the control system that would be integrated into the machine.


Using a 3 axis TRM motion controller with custom designed software, 3 servomotors with servo drives, each with a 1000 PPR encoder, a TRM interface board, and a set of pre-made cables between the interface board and the controller we build a complete control system capable of controlling the whole machine and at a fraction of the cost of controllers found on the market.


One of the advantages of our system is that it contains the Motion Controller, PLC and HMI in the same enclosure which simplifies connections brings down costs.


All of the components required for this application were supplied in boxes containing one full kit. This allowed the customer to pick a box from stores and assemble to the machine. This ensured that no components were missing and that the machine could be completed and tested without delay.


The 3 axis motion controller controls 3 servomotors by using the industry standard +/-10 V command signals. The servomotors are used for:

  • Moving the conveyor forwards and backwards
  • For moving the conveyor up and down
  • For depositing the mix from the hopper

The controller already comes with preloaded “recipes” from where the user can make different shapes and sizes of bakery products.

The user can also create their own bakery products by using the programming capabilities of the controller, these can then be stored for recall at a later date. The graphic display shows images of the products and help for the user for when modifying the size and shape of any product.

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TRM wrote a bespoke program for this application. Taking the end-user requests for fast and simple data entry we implemented an icon driven interface. The operator is presented with standard shapes and when one is selected the data to create that shape is requested with graphical help to aid the user.

Diameter, length, number of rows, deposit quantity, height and a number of other parameters are entered and can then be tested to ensure the product is correct before saving the file and going into production.

This machine now accurately manufactures eclairs, coconut macaroons, meringue nests, Swiss rolls and tinned cakes along with many other products.


Point to Point move:
Moves a single axis from point to point with no acceleration, or velocity parameters. This command is mainly used by the profile generator or for holding  position.

Trapezoidal move:
Moves a single axis from point to point, using programmed acceleration and velocity parameters. If the velocity can not be reached the function will generate a triangular profile.

Linear Interpolation:
This function allows up to 4 axis to be linked together to produce a linear profile. Full use is made of the acceleration and velocity parameters.

Circular Interpolation
This function allows two axis to be linked together to produce a circular profile. Full use is made of the acceleration and velocity parameters.


  •   XY Positioning Tables
  •   Conveyors
  •   Dosing  
  •   Mixers
  •   General Motion Control
  •   Cutting Machines
  •   Automatic Drills
  •   Positioners
  •   Robotics
  •   Bending Machines
  •   Woodworking Machines

Items Provided By TRM for this Application:

Professional Motion Controller
1 off 3 Axis stand alone  motion controller with keypad and colour screen.

Interface Card
This custom designed card provides a localised point to terminate all the sensors, outputs and command signals along with relays and power supplies.

A set of cables for drive connection and controller connection were supplied to the lengths required.

3 off 20A drives were supplied for each axis


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