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Control Systems and Machine Automation Specialists

Our fully Programmable Automation Controllers suit many applications from conveyor control to multi-axis machining centres. They are suitable for many industries as our software is extremely flexible and can be programmed quickly. For specific applications software like Procut has been developed which is a complete application for backgauge control needing minimal setup from the end user.

For a complete package of components e.g. sensors, encoders and motors to suit your machine and budget, TRM can meet all your needs. Depending on the level of customisation required, overlays and metalwork can be changed to suit a particular machines requirements. When we are involved from the inception of a design we can guide the machine builder to the best choice of materials, controls, motors etc. to suit an application.

Our industrial control systems come with built in I/O, Program Storage, USB, RS232, RS485, Program backup facilities, Industrial Keypad, Colour LCD display to name a few. One of the benefits of our system is that there is no need to purchase separate components such as a PLC, HMI, I/O or motion control as it is a complete system.

Programming is easily achieved with MAP, our own Motion Application Program that runs on all our controllers. Invented in 1996 as a basic positioning system, it has come a long way since and now has many advanced features to enable quick program creation without the need for days spent on training courses.

For OEM's and quantity orders we can customise our control systems with not just company Logo's but also metalwork, displays, I/O and a whole host of other features.

Multi-axis Motion Control

Our motion controllers are designed to be rugged and reliable and that is the reason why we design the complete system in-house. From 1 axis to many multi-linked axis our motion controllers with their built in IO fit the bill time and time again. Used in one off bespoke machines and also machines that are produced on a weekly or daily basis, we have a controller and price to suit most applications.

Guillotine Control

The Guillotine Backgauge control has been installed around the world by engineers that have had little experience with Procut yet have taken very little time to install and setup the system. It has proved to be a reliable and accurate update for many old machines that are still in use.

CNC Control

Precision machining of components is within everybody's reach these days and as such so is our CNC controller. At a very competitive price the PMC system matches some of the big brand names for speed and precision yet also manages to provide many features not available on systems that are twice the price or more in a lot of cases.


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